Beats of Love

Fiction Series 8x52'

Beats of Love tells the tragicomic story of four teenagers who, to everyone's surprise and led by their ambitious 'momager', become one of the most successful boy band sensations ever. When a fan demands a comeback 24 years later with a remarkable action, it quickly becomes clear that their friendship has a very dark side and too much has happened in the past to get the boys together on stage again. Or not?

Beats of Love is a nostalgic, musical rollercoaster about friendship, ambition, pressure and the destructive toll of fame.

story by Gilles Coulier, Gilles De Schryver, Janne Desmet, Chingiz Karibekov & Benny Vandendriessche

produced by Gilles Coulier, Gilles De Schryver & Wouter Sap for De Wereldvrede

music supervision by Sonhouse

for DPG Media

with the support of VAF, Belgian Tax Shelter

Beats of Love crew