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De Wereldvrede is a creative production company, founded in 2013 by Gilles De Schryver and Gilles Coulier. In 2014, this duo joined forces with Wouter Sap’s Lionheart Productions in a joint venture. Coulier, De Schryver and Sap lead an artistic business collective that produces fiction and documentaries.

Production company De Wereldvrede had its breakthrough with the fiction series ‘Bevergem’ (8 x 45’) for Canvas/VRT. This widely discussed and acclaimed series achieved unprecedented ratings, won several national prizes, made several international selections and was finally selected by Netflix.

In 2017, De Wereldvrede produced Gilles Coulier’s debut film, ‘Cargo’, which was selected at the Festival of San Sebastian, the British Film Institute London, Tallinn, Göteborg and other festivals and won several international prizes.

In 2019, they release their first international co-production: the first-class television series ‘War of the Worlds’ (8x 48’) for Canal+ and Fox Europe & Africa. Gilles Coulier was lead director and executive producer on this project. 2020 marked the release of ‘Albatros’ (8x45’), made by Wannes Destoop, De Wereldvrede’s second VRT-series. Albatros won the Prix Europa for Best European TV-series in 2021 and receive 13 Ensor nominations.

Also in 2020, the short film 'Stephanie' by Leonardo Van Dijl was selected for the Official Competition of Cannes and won the Ensor for Best Short Film. In 2021 De Wereldvrede co-produced the 12-part short film series 'Lockdown' for Eén. The series won the  Student jury prize for best short form series at Canneseries. In the fall of 2022 Roomies (8x25'), a tv-series by Kato De Boeck and Flo Van Deuren, will be launched on VRT.

Gilles De Schryver is a Belgian film & theatre actor, writer and producer, and is managing partner and co-founder of De Wereldvrede. Next to his work for DW, he was artistic director of a state-funded Flemish theatre company, playing in- and outside of Europe in Dutch, in English as well as in French. As a film actor De Schryver has more than 500 shooting days on his record and is primarily known by larger audiences for his performances in both internationally successful TV-series 'Code 37' and feature film 'Hasta La Vista (Come as you are)'.

As a producer, Gilles is primarily known for producing the highly acclaimed Flemish hit series 'The Natives' (8x45'), Gilles Coulier's film debut 'Cargo' (90') (Torino 2015) and as associate producer for 'War of the Worlds' (8x'48).

Gilles Coulier is a Belgian director, producer, scriptwriter and co-founder of De Wereldvrede.

Gilles studied Audio-visual Arts at the Sint-Lukas Brussels University of Art and Design. Besides video clips and publicity, he made three shorts, 'Iceland', 'Paroles' and 'Mont Blanc'. With these shorts he was selected for numerous film festivals around the world. The films screened at Cannes Festival, Abu Dhabi Festival, Leeds Film Festival, Hong Kong Film Festival, Rio, Fluxus Film Festival, Brussels Film Festival...

In 2014 Coulier completed writing & directing the fiction series ‘The Natives’ (Bevergem) for CANVAS. It was highly welcomed and appreciated by the audience with high ratings. The series won several Flemish television awards and was selected for the BANFF Rockie Awards for Best Comedy. It was also shown at the Film Fest Gent and the International Rotterdam Film Festival. In 2015 Gilles continued working on the script of his first feature ‘Cargo’ for De Wereldvrede. He participated at the 2015 Torino Film Lab. In 2016 he completed the shooting of ‘Cargo’. The film had its international première at the San Sebastian Film Festival in the New Directors Competition and was selected for several international festivals. In 2017 Gilles directed the television series ‘The Day’ for production company Woestijnvis. The series was a huge success in ratings and in appreciation with several Flemish film prizes as a consequence. After successful screenings of ‘The Day’ Gilles was asked to direct the international co-production ‘War of The Worlds’ for Canal+ and Fox Europe & Africa which he completed in 2019.

Wouter Sap is a Belgian producer, and is CFO, Tax Shelter expert and partner of De Wereldvrede.

Next to his work for De Wereldvrede he is also managing director and founder of Lionheart Productions, a production company that focuses on documentaries. He studied Economics, Law, Political and Social sciences (option Conflict & Development), and Journalism.

Wouter earned his credits producing the documentary Can a Man Change The City (directed by Manu Riche & Sien Versteyhe), a Sancta Media production and as a producer of the documentary JUNIOR, a Lionheart production. Together with RITS, Wouter produced the documentary ‘Femme de la rue’ (Canvas, 2012) that got worldwide attention, and has made the series ‘Nooit meer dezelfde’ (Canvas, 2013) consisting of 8 episodes in coproduction with CANVAS.

In 2014 De Wereldvrede and Lionheart productions became a joint venture, because of this: Coulier, De Schryver and Sap are leading an artistic and business collective with two parts, producing fiction and documentaries. 

The team

Awards & nominations

- Bevergem/The Natives - Rockie Awards - Nominee Comedy Series2016
- Bevergem - Vlaamse Televisiesterren Beste Comedy2016
- Bevergem - Vlaamse Televisiesterren Beste Scenario2016
- Bevergem - International Film Festival Rotterdam (Episodic/Epidemic)2016
- Bevergem - Film Fest Gent Serial Madness selection2015
- Guest - Press Award Internationaal Kortfilmfestival Leuven2015
- Guest - Leuven Short Film Competition2015
- Cargo - Participant Torino Film Lab2015
- Bevergem/The Natives - Séries Mania2015
- Mont Blanc - Cannes Short Film Competition2013
- IJsland - Abu Dhabi Official Short Competion2010
- IJsland - Cannes Cinefondation sélection2010
- IJsland - Wildcard Winner VAF2009
- Paroles - Jury Prize Int. Short Film Festival Leuven2010
- IJsland - Best Belgian Short IJsland FIFIB2010
- Mont Blanc - Leuven Short Film Competition2012
- IJsland - EU Shorts Official Competition2010
- IJsland - FIFIB2010
- IJsland - Leuven Short Film Competition2009
- IJsland - Leeds International Film Festival2010
- IJsland - Film Festival Vendome2009
- Paroles - Leuven Short Film Competition2010
- Paroles - Brussels Short Film Festival 2010
- Mont Blanc - Abu Dhabi International Film Festival2013
- Mont Blanc - Ostend Film Festival2013
Mont Blanc - Québec City Film Festival2013
- Mont Blanc - Brussels Short Film Festival2013
- Mont Blanc - Rhode Island International Festival2013
- Mont Blanc - Filmets Badalona2013
- Mont Blanc - Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur2013
- Mont Blanc - Nederlands Film Festival2013
- Mont Blanc - Festival du Film de Montagne2013
- Mont Blanc - Utrecht Film Festival2013
- Mont Blanc - Best Male Actor Wim Willaert2013
- Mont Blanc - Cinélab Award Best Image2013
- Mont Blanc - Prize of Union Belgian Filmpress2013
- Cargo - Opening Film Film Festival Oostende2017
- Cargo - San Sebastian New Directors Competition2017
- Cargo - BFI London First Features Competition2017
- Cargo - Thessaloniki International Film Festival Best screenplay2017
- Cargo - Festival de Cinéma Européen des Arcs2017
- Cargo - Les Magritte du Cinéma Nomination Best Flemish Film2017
- Cargo - Göteborg Film festival New Voices Competition2018
- Cargo - Titanic Film Fest Budapest International Competition2018
- Cargo - Febiofest Praag International Competition 2018