Lockdown wins at Canneseries

The twelve short films from Lockdown by De Wereldvrede and Lecter Scripted Media, made for Eén, have won the 'Student prize for best short form series' at the prestigious Canneseries festival. Directors and creators Gilles Coulier and Maarten Moerkerke received the prize in Cannes. Gilles De Schryver of production house De Wereldvrede, Elly Vervloet, expert in international co-productions at the VRT, and Mounir Hathout, music supervisor of the series, were also present. Gilles Coulier and Maarten Moerkerke: "We want to dedicate this wonderful recognition to the many talents, in front of and behind the camera, who made this unique series possible. It shows how resilient our Flemish audiovisual sector is and how creativity is always an appropriate response, especially in times of global crisis." The strong short film series Lockdown was shown on Eén last spring. Lockdown brings twelve independent short stories, directed by twelve top Flemish directors and with a strong cast. Each story takes place in the same setting: the visiting room of a prison. Two characters, each on one side of the glass in the visiting room that separates them - but also their world. The short film series thus became a surprising mix of different genres such as drama, comedy and thriller. The idea came from directors Gilles Coulier and Maarten Moerkerke, who both directed an episode, alongside Michaël Roskam, Kaat Beels, Frederike Migom, Jan Eelen, Dorothée Van Den Berghe and Robin Pront, among others. With, among others, Matthias Schoenaerts, Josse De Pauw, Peter Van den Begin, Tine Embrechts, Maaike Neuville and Veerle Baetens, the makers have brought together the crème de la crème of the Flemish acting world for the series.