Feature Film by Leonardo van Dijl

An ambitious teenage girl with olympic ambitions in gymnastics literally trips into a downward spiral of self-medication as she tries to kill her injury pains, growing pains and maintain the troubled relationships with her coach and everyone around her.

Developed within San Sebastian Script Lab
Developed within LIM (Less Is More)


Status: In development

The Year of the Tiger

Fiction Series (4x2) x 52'

Set in the rainy 80’s, a young naked boy is found on the site of a suspicious car crash right on Belgium’s language border. In shock, the boy doesn’t seem to be able to speak. On each side of the border a police team works independently to solve what appear to be two unrelated cases. In a time without DNA investigation, without cell phones, but with heated relationships between the north of Belgium and the south, solving the cases does not run smooth at all.


Jaren ’80. Twee zaken. Een moord en een verdwijning van een jong meisje, elk aan een kant van de grens. Hierdoor werken twee politieteams onafhankelijk om de zaak op te lossen. Maar, zonder het te weten, hebben ze iets met elkaar te maken. In een tijd zonder DNA-onderzoek, zonder gsm en met spanningen tussen het noorden en zuiden van België maakt dit het onderzoek zeker niet gemakkelijker.

Status: In development


Feature Film by David Williamson

After breaking up with her husband and leaving everything behind, Eva meets a new man that gives her shelter. When he commits suicide, Eva has to get rid of the body to avoid being falsely accused of murder.

Status: In development


Fiction Series 8x52'

Where were you and what were you doing on the night of September 3rd in 1992? When the two Gottschalk brothers were questioned one year later, they had no idea, not even when they were accused of murder. The only thing they could reply to the jury was: ‘We didn’t do anything!’ The story of two brothers who were convicted of murder and have maintained their innocence up until this day.

Based on true events.


Waar was u en wat deed u de avond van 3 september 1992? Toen de vraag hen twee jaar later voor het eerst werd gesteld, hadden Francis en Marco geen idee. Hun verweer voor de volksjury beperkte zich tot een middelvinger en een kreet: ‘Wij hebben niks gedaan.’

Status: In development

The Landscapes That You Seek

Feature Film by Juanita Onzaga

A young woman sets of an a physical and metaphysical quest to find the spirit of her long lost brother.

Status: In development

War of the Worlds

8 x 60

War of the Worlds is gebaseerd op het science-fictionklassieker van H.G. Wells uit 1889. Deze versie heeft een hedendaagse Europese setting en geeft een beeld van wat er van de mensheid op onze planeet zou overblijven na een buitenaardse aanval.

Status: Post-production


short by Henry Disotuar

Josée, een oudere vrouw, smacht naar de warmte van een gezin, die haar stellig lijkt te zijn ontgroeid. Wanneer een migrant meisje haar pad kruist, ontstaat een vriendschap en hiermee gepaard ook een kans om haar eenzaamheid te verdrijven.

Status: In development


Fiction Series 8x52' (2015, Canvas)

Famous stand-up comedian Freddy De Vadder flees to a picturesque village called Bevergem. Why? Nobody knows. He doesn’t talk about it. The contrast between him and the grotesque residents could not be bigger. In anticipation of the yearly town festival the temper gets heated. But Freddy doesn’t care. He just hopes his hideout is secure.

Over 700.000 spectator on a weekly basis.

25% marketshare and biggest hit for Canvas in years.

Awards & Selections: International Film Festival Rotterdam, BANFF Rockie Award nomination, 3 Flemish Television Stars, Humo Award,...

Status: Released

Saint Rosita

Feature Film by Wannes Destoop

An overweight woman living on the edge of society desperately tries to look for love in every possible way.


Status: In development


Fiction Series 8x45'

The lives of ten strangers intertwine when they join a weight-loss camp and are faced not only with the battle against their bodies, but also their minds - and each other. With a dead mother, a dark secret and lots of unresolved resentment, camp guru Bart has his own demons to fight.

Status: Filming


Feature Film by Gilles Coulier.

When the craggy patriarch of a struggling North Sea fishing company falls overboard of his vessel, his eldest son has to take over the family business, igniting dark tensions between three brothers. Stern and serious Jean is a single father to an 8-year-old and sees a dying fisheries business as having no possible future. Younger sibling Francis must hide his secret love affair and desperately wants to escape to seek happiness. Only black sheep William, returning home to an indifferent welcome, wants to carry on the family trade.

Developed within TorinoFilmlab.

Opening night Film Festival Ostend with over 3.500 spectators.

Awards & Selections: San Sebastian Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, Thessaloniki Film Festival (Best Screenplay Award), Talinn Black Nights, Les Arcs Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, Göteborg Film Festival, Netherlands Film Festival,…

Status: Released