EVA by David Williamson: It's a wrap!

David Williamson has completed shooting his fiction short film 'Eva'. Ten years after been awarded a VAF Wildcard for his graduation project 'NOWHERE', David has find time in his busy shedule as DOP to direct his first professional fiction short film. The film is now in post production and will be released in 2020.

The film was shot in Charleville-Mézières, Brussels and Breda. 

Pitch: Eva has a choice. Confess to a murder she didn't commit, or plead her innocence before a jury.


David Williamson is a Belgian director of photography. In 2010 he won the prestigious VAF Wildcard for his graduation project ‘NOW/HERE’. Shorty after that David started successfully focusing on his career as a DOP, filming both Gilles Coulier’s short films ‘Iceland’ and ‘Mont Blanc’ that made it to Cannes. His feature debut behind the camera was ‘I’m the Same, I’m an Other’ by Caroline Strubbe. Later on, David joins forces with Coulier again for the hit series ‘Bevergem’ in 2014. His cinematography for ‘Le Ciel Flamand’ by Peter Monsaert earned him an Ensor in 2017. This was followed by even moresuccessful collaborations with Gilles Coulier for the tv series ‘The Day’ and the feature film ‘Cargo’. In 2019 David went international with the cinematography for the fiction series ‘War of the Worlds’.